Megapro specializes in quantitative investment strategies, harnessing the power of Big Data and AI. Our strong focus on data-driven insights shapes our portfolio management decisions, ensuring risk mitigation and maximizing returns.

Our 6A financial data platform:

FA = Fundamental Analysis;
TA = Technical Analysis;
MA = Money Flow Analysis;
SA = Sentiment Analysis;
PA = Policy Analysis;
EA = Event Analysis;

Megapro Corporation is a financial data analytics company based in Missouri, United States, that specializes in big data storage and processing, financial data analytics, and quantitative investing.

Knowing the drivers behind the market and stock movement is the key to successful investment. We pioneered the 6A investment system. We analyze the financial market and stocks from six diversified areas, create a 6D view of the market and stocks. Our 6A data, coupled with avant-garde algorithms, allows us to produce insightful trading picks and timely signals, delving into billions of data points every month.