MEGA tokens are traded on the BitShares DEX which is one of the top decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. With a decentralized exchange, you hold your tokens in your own wallet. In comparison, a centralized exchange holds your tokens in exchange’s wallets which have high risks of being hacked or abused by the exchange’s own employees.

To buy and sell MEGA tokens, you will need to open a Bitshares DEX account first.

Open an account with BitShares DEX is easy, just go to:

Select a language by a country flag and then click on “Create Account”. This will require you to remember or save a long private key as your password.
Alternatively, you can click on the “advanced form” at the bottom and choose your own easier to remember a password.

Creating a BitShares DEX account does not require an email or phone number. It does not require any name or ID. All you need is to pick an Account Name and a Password.

Picture by Picture How To: How to open a Bitshares account: step by step guide

Once you have established a BitShares DEX account, you can buy and sell MEGA tokens with a BitShares wallet.

You can use Bitshares’ cloud wallet at:

or download a local wallet from:

Login with your account info once you have a wallet setup.

To buy and sell MEGA tokens from BitShares DEX, just click on “Exchange” in your BitShares Wallet. And then click on “Find Market” on the upper right corner. Under the”ASSET NAME”, search for MEGA You will find MEGA tokens that you can buy and sell. MEGA tokens are paired with bitUSD, BTS, and open.BTC so you can trade MEGA tokens direct with bitUSD, BTS, and BTC. If you have other cryptocurrencies, you can trade them with BTC or BTS first, and then trade with MEGA.

With BitShares DEX you must have a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum to buy other cryptocurrencies such as MEGA tokens.
If you don’t have any cryptocurrency, please contact for help.

Important: Please create a backup for your local wallet and keep it in a safe place that you can find it later on. It contains your wallet’s private key. You will need such a backup file and your password if you want to set up (including recovery) your wallet on a different computer.

Picture by Picture How To: How to buy and sell MEGA tokens: step by step guide

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