Megapro is dedicated to providing modern investors with a wide variety of financial data, insightful data analytics, and quantitative trading robots for stocks, options, and crypto investment.

Incorporated in Missouri USA Megapro Corporation is a Fintech company specializing in financial data analytics, artificial intelligence, and quantitative trading.

We are collecting and storing a wide variety of financial data at our big data databases. We generate insightful data analytics from our financial data. We can build quantitative trading robots that can automatically trade stocks and options based on some pre-defined strategies.

We invite all financial data providers, data scientists, AI professionals, software developers, stock trading specialists, quantitative trading experts, tech professionals, and medical professionals to join us and become our MegaGurus. We share the revenue and investment tools we co-developed with our MegaGurus. Together we can make Megapro become one of the best Fintech companies in the world.