Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc(CNBX)stock report

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc., formerly American Mining Company, is a biotechnology pharmaceutical company. The Company is engaged in pharmaceutical development. The Company is focused on development and licensing of cannabinoid-based treatments and therapies. It develops and markets various therapies and biotechnological tools aimed at providing relief from ailments that respond to active ingredients sourced from the cannabis plant. These tools include delivery systems for cannabinoids, personalized medicine therapies and procedures based on cannabis originated compounds, and bioinformatics tools. The Company’s flagship product is CANNABICS SR. CANNABICS SR is a technology for a long acting oil capsule that provides administration of cannabis. CANNABICS SR is composed solely from food grade materials and delivers effects for over 10 to 12 hours. The delivery method enables a once per day dosing regimen of medical cannabis to patients. It has not generated revenues.

Market Cap:51M; Shares Outstanding:134.4M; Short Interest: /;  2019 Cash 0.0036M

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