New Age Beverages Corp(NBEV)stock report

The New Age Beverage Corporation, formerly Bucha, Inc., is a healthy functional beverage company. The Company is the owner of XingTea, XingEnergy, Aspen Pure and the Bucha Live Kombucha brands. The Company’s bucha Live Kombucha is a gluten free, organic certified, sparkling kombucha tea and is distributed in health and grocery chains across North America. The Company offers its bucha Live Kombucha products in approximately 16-ounce bottle. The Company offers XingTea in approximately 13 flavors. Its product, XINGjuice, is a natural juice drink, made with cane sugar and real fruit juice. Its product, XingEnergy is a naturally flavored cane sugar product. The Company’s product, Aspen Pure, is bottled water packaged in approximately 24-ounce, half-liter and one-liter bottles. The Company offers products in approximately 46 states within the United States and in over 10 countries internationally across all channels through direct and store door distribution systems.

Market Cap:148.2M; Shares Outstanding:78.4M; Short Interest: 27.74%; Q3 2019(9/30/19): Cash 68.37M. Loss 10.68M

EPS and Sales:

Date EPS % last year % last quarter
2018.12.31 -0.26 -116.67% -8.33%
2019.3.31 -0.02 71.43% 92.31%
2019.6.30 -0.18 -12.50% -800.00%
2019.9.30 -0.31 -29.17% -72.22%


Date Sales % last year % last quarter
2018.12.31 52.16M -0.05% 36.69%
2019.3.31 58.31M 404.47% 11.79%
2019.6.30 125M 400.20% 114.37%
2019.9.30 194M 409.60% 55.20%


Insider Transactions:

Institution Ownership:

Total institutions: 6114,no change
Shares hold: 16955.8k shares. no change
shares% hold: 21.63%,no change

Analyst Ratings:

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