CTI Industries Corp(CTIB)stock report

*Nasdaq FSI: *Deficient: Issuer Failed to Meet NASDAQ Continued Listing Requirements

CTI Industries Corporation develops, produces and distributes various consumer products and sells these products throughout the United States and in over 35 other countries. The Company designs, manufactures and distributes film products. It is a developer of products, which employ flexible films, including balloons, pouches and rolls of film for vacuum sealing and storage of products in the home and films for commercial packaging applications. Its principal lines of products include Novelty Products, consisting of foil and latex balloons and other inflatable toy items, and also Candy Blossoms (small containers of arranged candy items, including a small inflated balloon); Vacuum Sealing Containers and Sealing Devices, which are for home and consumer use to vacuum seal, store and preserve food and personal items, and Flexible Films, for food and other commercial and packaging applications.

Market Cap:10M; Shares Outstanding:3.8M; Short Interest: 4.86%; Q3 2019(9/30/19): Cash 0.13M. Loss 1.16M

EPS and Sales:

Date EPS % last year % last quarter
2018.12.31 -1 -122.22% -354.55%
2019.3.31 -0.24 -84.62% 76.00%
2019.6.30 -1.04 -1633.33% -333.33%
2019.9.30 -1.34 -509.09% -28.85%


Date Sales % last year % last quarter
2018.12.31 55.59M -1.15% 33.98%
2019.3.31 12.54M -10.32% -77.44%
2019.6.30 24.94M -16.76% 98.88%
2019.9.30 33.48M -19.30% 34.24%


Insider Transactions:

Institution Ownership:

Total institutions: 12,no change
Shares hold: 167.5k shares. no change
shares% hold: 4.37%,no change

Analyst Ratings:

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