Akcea Therapeutics Inc(AKCA)stock report

Akcea Therapeutics, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company. The Company is focused on developing and commercializing drugs to treat patients with serious cardiometabolic diseases caused by lipid disorders. The Company’s drugs, volanesorsen, AKCEA-APO(a)-LRx, AKCEA-ANGPTL3-LRx and AKCEA-APOCIII-LRx, are all based on antisense technology developed by Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Ionis). The Company’s volanesorsen drug has completed a Phase III clinical program for the treatment of familial chylomicronemia syndrome (FCS) and is currently in Phase III clinical development for the treatment of familial partial lipodystrophy (FPL). The Company’s clinical pipeline contains drugs with the potential to treat inadequately addressed lipid disorders beyond elevated LDL-C that are contributing to the dramatic increase in the incidence of cardiometabolic disease, such as elevated triglycerides, oxidized phospholipids and other lipoproteins, such as lipoprotein(a), or Lp(a).

Market Cap:1700M; Shares Outstanding:100.8M; Short Interest: 49.35%; Q3 2019(9/30/19): Cash 253M. Loss 31.49M

EPS and Sales:

Date EPS % last year % last quarter
2018.12.31 -2.74 11.04% -41.97%
2019.3.31 0.35 179.55% 112.77%
2019.6.30 -0.06 94.96% 117.14%
2019.9.30 -0.4 79.27% -566.67%


Date Sales % last year % last quarter
2018.12.31 64.87M 49.46% 18.66%
2019.3.31 164M 857.54% 152.81%
2019.6.30 190M 437.52% 15.85%
2019.9.30 211M 286.07% 11.05%


Insider Transactions:

Institution Ownership:

Total institutions: 79,no change
Shares hold: 24409.4k shares. no change
shares% hold: 25.99%,no change

Analyst Ratings:

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