Oncolytics Biotech Inc(ONCY)stock report

Oncolytics Biotech Inc. is a development-stage company. The Company is focused on the development of REOLYSIN, its cancer therapeutic. The Company’s clinical program is made up of a registration program that includes muscle-invasive bladder cancer and glioma cancer, over six randomized Phase II clinical trials and approximately six other investigative clinical trials. The Company focuses on the registration of REOLYSIN in approximately two indications, including the neoadjuvant treatment of muscle-invasive bladder cancer and the treatment of glioblastoma. The Company has conducted a single arm United States Phase II non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) trial and a single arm United States Phase II pancreatic cancer trial for REOLYSIN. The Company is also engaged in conducting a Phase Ib trial for REOLYSIN and chemotherapy in combination with pembrolizumab in its Checkpoint Inhibitor Program.

Market Cap:74.9M; Shares Outstanding:26.4M; Q3 2019(9/30/19): Cash 13.7M. Loss 17.04M

EPS and Sales:

Date EPS % last year % last quarter
2015.12.31 -0.12 42.86% 42.86%
2016.12.31 -0.13 -8.33% -8.33%
2017.12.31 -1.12 90.00% -761.54%
2018.12.31 -1.06 5.36% 5.36%


Insider Transactions:

Institution Ownership:

Total institutions: 24,no change
Shares hold: 398.6k shares. no change
shares% hold: 1.95%,no change

Analyst Ratings:

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