Sogou Inc(SOGO)stock report

For: Wei Du

Sogou Inc. is a search and Internet company. The Company’s Sogou Search is a search engine in China. Its cross-language search service enables users to discover English content on the Internet by querying in Chinese and reading content that it has translated into Chinese. The Company’s products and services include Sogu Search, Sogou Input Method and other products. Sogou Input Method is a cloud-based Chinese language input software. Its Chinese language input software enables users to type in Chinese. Sogou Input Method anticipates users’ search intentions in real-time and allows users to search directly with Sogou Search. The Company offer users general and vertical search services through its Website and its mobile search application. The features of Sogou Search include query suggestion, query correction, search snippets, Webpage translation and search result recommendations.

EPS and Sales:

Date EPS % last year % last quarter
 2018.9.30 0.1823 -5.54% 49.43%
2018.12.31 0.25 13.64% 37.14%
 2019.3.31 -0.01 -125.00% -104.00%
2019.6.30 0.0446 -63.44% -546.00%


Date Sales % last year % last quarter
 2018.9.30 826M 31.05% 33.41%
2018.12.31 1124M 23.76% 36.08%
 2019.3.31 253M 1.75% -77.49%
2019.6.30 556M 1.19% 119.76%


Insider Transactions:

Institution Ownership:


Analyst Ratings:

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