Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are becoming a hot trend in the job market

The cryptocurrency industry is getting so hot that dedicated career services are popping up.

On Thursday, CoinDesk, a leading source of cryptocurrency news and organizer of major industry conferences, launched an online “Career Center” with job listings.

It’s “no secret demand for blockchain skills is high and that finding talent is a real difficulty,” Jacob Donnelley, director of marketing, said in a statement. CoinDesk is also hosting a career fair along with its Consensus conference in New York this month.

Listings of “blockchain” skills skyrocketed more than 6,000 percent in the first quarter from a year ago, online freelancing database Upwork said in a report Tuesday. That’s far and away the hottest skill on Upwork, and a slight change from the fourth quarter when “bitcoin” was the fastest-growing skill and blockchain wasn’t even on the list.

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