MEGA Tokens

MEGA Tokens represent a new class of financial asset, they are neither traditional company stocks nor traditional currency. While there are similarities between Bitcoin and MEGA token, there are also many differences between these two. The most significant difference is that Bitcoin is a Proof Of Work (POW) type cryptocurrency, while MEGA token makes use of a Proof Of Stake (POS) approach to reach consensus. This encourages honesty and long term participation. We strive to generate steady demands of META tokens from consumption, not from short term market speculations.

What makes the MEGA token special?

* MEGA tokens can be used to buy all services at MegaGurus will continuously adding new services and attract more and more users to generate more demands for MEGA tokens. Such demands are from regular customers, not from short term market speculators.

* MEGA tokens can be used to improve rankings at New feature requests, blog posts and forum questions will be ranked by all MEGA tokens voted for the topics (including your own MEGA token holdings). The more MEGA tokens you have the higher the ranking will be for your feature requests and forum questions.

* Utilizing blockchain’s Proof of Stake (POS) model, MEGA tokens have “stakes” in business in the following ways:
1. business decisions, for example funding new projects, will be decided by MEGA token holders’ votes. Each token represents one vote.
2. MEGA token holders will share business profits. Shared profits will be used to buyback MEGA tokens which will reduce MEGA token’s market supplies. business revenues will be from investment info and tools sales, membership fees, and advertising incomes. These revenues are generated by our worldwide Megapro mentors and MegaGurus.

* The total number of MEGA tokens that can be issued is capped at 1 Billion forever. MEGA tokens can be traded on public cryptocurrency exchange(s) such as the BitShares DEX. Investors can buy and sell MEGA tokens at cryptocurrency exchange(s). Megapro Mentors and MegaGurus can sell their MEGA tokens at cryptocurrency exchange(s).

* When the business has a profit, at least 60% of the profit will be used to buyback MEGA tokens. First priority will be given to purchase MEGA tokens issued by Megapro payrolls at the MEGA token’s base rate which will be determined by MEGA token holders’ votes. Additional profits if any will be used to buy any MEGA tokens at the Crypto exchanges at no more than 200% of MEGA token’s base rate. At any given time the MEGA token base rate should not be lower than the MEGA token base rate when payroll MEGA tokens were issued.

To preserve MEGA token’s long term value, we do not plan to offer any Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for MEGA tokens. There will be no airdrops for free tokens.

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How to buy and sell MEGA tokens