How to open a Bitshares account: step by step guide

BitShares DEX is one of the top decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. With a decentralized exchange, you hold your tokens in your own wallet. In comparison, a centralized exchange holds your tokens in exchange’s wallets which have high risks of being hacked or abused by exchange’s own employees.

Step 1:

Go to:

and Select a language by a country flag

Step 2

Click on “Create Account”. This method will require you to remember or save a long private key as your password.

Alternative Method: You can click on the “advanced form” at the bottom and choose your own easier to remember password. After you entered the account name and password click on “Create Account”.

Now you have a Bitshares account! You can start to trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and MEGA tokens with it.

Important: Please save your long password to a safe place if you created your account in Method 1. Please create a backup for your local wallet and keep it in a safe place if you created your account in Method 2.