Megapro is dedicated to providing modern investors with quantitative trading ideas, tools, robots, and insightful big data analytics for many types of financial investment.
We promote social sharing and collaboration. We invite all financial experts, Do-It-Yourself investors, computer science experts, data analysts, and anyone who is interested in financial investment to join us so we can invest better and make smarter investment decisions.

Incorporated in Missouri USA Megapro Corporation is a Fintech company specializing in mathematics & statistics, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and quantitative trading tools and strategies.

We are collecting and storing any data related to financial investment at our big data platform. Our team of mathematics Ph.D. and AI expert design mathematical and AI algorithms to generate investment insights and trading signals for us. Our operations are guided by Megapro mentors. Day-to-day business operations are carried out by our Megagurus. Megapro mentors take a long-range view on Megapro growth and development and form a long term relationship with Megapro. Megapro mentors are sources of high-level guidance, leadership, wisdom, teaching, support, and encouragement. MegaGurus are financial analysts, data scientists, quant developers, quant traders, software and website developers, investment content contributors, service support personals, and everyone who contributes to Megapro web portals and company operations. MegaGurus are people who are willing to share knowledge and are passionate about stock & option investing, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics. There is no border. Anyone on the planet can join Megapro and work on whatever projects he/she likes.

Anyone who made contributions to Megapro web portals and company operations will be awarded MEGA tokens. MEGA tokens are neither traditional company stocks nor traditional currency. MEGA tokens are cryptocurrency issued on a world trusted public blockchain network. The total amount of MEGA tokens issued is fixed. No one can increase the total number. The transfer of MEGA tokens is transparent. Everyone can check transaction history from the public blockchain. Here are some uses of MEGA tokens:
1. Utilizing Blockchain’s Proof of Stake (POS) model, Megapro business decisions (for example funding new projects) will be decided by MEGA token holders’ votes. Each token represents one vote.
2. MEGA tokens are the official tokens on all Megapro web portals and marketplaces. You can use MEGA tokens to buy products and services at Megapro web portals and marketplaces. You can receive discounts by holding a certain number of MEGA tokens. You can put out a job request by offering a certain number of MEGA tokens.
3. MEGA tokens can be traded on public cryptocurrency exchange(s) such as the BitShares DEX at any time.
4. When there is a business profit Megapro Corporation will purchase back certain number MEGA tokens from token owners so we can continue to award tokens to new contributors.

Check out our MEGA tokens page for more information.