About Megapro

Megapro is dedicated to provide modern investors with insightful investment information and tools for cryptocurrency and stock investing utilizing robots, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies.

We are a technology company specializing in artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and blockchain technologies. We believe cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will transform the future of global financial services.

We are collecting and storing any data related to financial investment at our big data platform. Our team of mathematics and physics PH Ds and AI experts design mathematical and AI algorithms to generate investment insights and trading signals for investors.

The next evolution of blockchain technology is the adoption of decentralized autonomous corporations (DACs). These are corporations that are fully decentralized in their management. Megapro is working towards to become a fully decentralized autonomous corporation in the future. All individuals that work for Megapro are independent contractors. Our operations are guided by Megapro mentors. Day-to-day business operations are carried out by our Megagurus. Megapro mentors take a long-range view on Megapro growth and development, and form a long term relationship with Megapro. Megapro mentors are sources of high-level guidance, leadership, wisdom, teaching, support, and encouragement. MegaGurus are Wall Street quants, financial analysts, website and software developers, investment content contributors, service support personals, and everyone who works for Megapro. MegaGurus are people who are willing to share knowledge and are passionate about robots, artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies, or investment in cryptocurrencies and stocks. There is no border. Anyone on the planet can work for Megapro.com. You can work for any number of hours, and work at anytime you prefer.

All Megapro Mentors and MegaGurus will be paid by MEGA tokens for their work and contributions. No fiat currency will be paid to Megapro mentors and MegaGurus. MEGA tokens are neither traditional company stocks nor traditional currency. Utilizing Blockchain’s Proof of Stake (POS) model, MEGA tokens have “Stakes” in Megapro.com business in the following ways:
1. Megapro.com business decisions, for example funding new projects, will be decided by MEGA token holders’ votes. Each token represents one vote.
2. MEGA token holders will share Megapro.com business profits.
MEGA tokens can be traded on public cryptocurrency exchange(s) such as the BitShares DEX.

MEGA tokens represent a new class of financial asset. Decentralized autonomous corporations are more productive, more scalable, more adaptable, and more competitive than traditional companies.

What makes the MEGA token special?