TransEnterix: Robotic Surgery Will Deliver Advancements In Medical Care, Explosive Profits

TransEnterix is a medical device company pioneering the use of robotics to advance minimally invasive surgery. The Senhance Surgical Robotic system addresses clinical and economic challenges associated with laparoscopic and robotic operations throughout healthcare systems globally. The Senhance Robotic system incorporates haptic feedback and eye sensing camera control for the surgeon while performing surgeries with minimally invasive incisions which increase healing for patients who undergo laparoscopic surgeries. The use of Robotics is becoming more common in surgeries and this is a trend that I do not believe will reverse. Eventually the days of surgeons performing procedures on patients with just their hands will be obsolete. TransEnterix has a product that can help revolutionize the medical field while increasing the level of care delivered to patients. This company has a trifecta on their hands including advancing the medical field, improving patient care and delivering large profits for shareholders.

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