Most of the ‘big shorts,’ who thrived during the financial crisis, have faltered since 2008

It’s difficult to stay on top.

Last weekend marked the 10th anniversary of Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy, which many investors regard as the seminal event of the financial crisis.

While most investors on Wall Street lost money a decade ago during the depths of the crisis, some investors thrived and earned their place in the annals of financial history.

They’re the subject of movies, books and speaking engagements. They’ve inspired others to follow in their path to uncover the makings of the next downturn.

They shorted the crisis and made billions. But for many of them, the decade since was not as favorable, in fact, it’s been detrimental.

Take John Paulson. His assets under management have plummeted by more than three-fourths since the years after the crisis. There’s also David Einhorn, whose fund is down more than 25 percent this year with his losing bets against high-flying technology stocks.

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