Tesla Model 3 Performance Hits 60 MPH In Record-Setting 3.13 Seconds

Lighter rims are the trick to getting Tesla Model 3 Performance zero-to-60-mph time down yet again.
A few YouTubers that just happen to be new Tesla Model 3 Performance owners have been recording and sharing zero-to-60-mph times. As it turns out, it hasn’t been uncommon for the owners to beat the 3.5-second metric published by Tesla. Eric Strait (DAErik on YouTube) took his new Model 3 Performance out early on and used his VBOX to record results around the 3.3-second mark. However, that was during a first run and the car didn’t have a full charge. He headed back out later with a full charge and substantiated previous claims of a whopping 3.18-second time.

Tesla’s performance figures have been known to be understated in the past, as proven with Model S zero-to-60-mph tests that were almost otherworldly for a five-seat family sedan. Not too long ago, CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the Model 3 Performance could pull off 3.3 seconds or better with the right tires and rims.

Crazily, as stated above, it easily beat that number in its stock configuration. So, how does it fare with some lighter rims? After installing T Sportline lightweight rims that shaved off about 32 pounds and adding wider rear tires, Erik took his Model 3 Performance back out to answer that question. As expected, the car broke previous records. This time, the Model 3 Performance nailed down an impressive 3.13-second time. We can only imagine that with some additional mods the number will continue to improve.

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