Chinese Technology Giant Tencent To Shut Down Poker Game At Government’s Request

The Chinese government on Monday scored another win toward further controlling people’s private lives when the tech giant Tencent announced that it will shut down a popular poker app.

The announcement wasn’t out of left field. The move follows reports in April that China was no longer looking at poker as a competitive mind sport. Beijing reportedly said that it would be illegal not only to offer but also to promote poker over social media.

According to Reuters, Tencent Holdings said that it will fold “Everyday Texas Hold’Em” on Sept. 25. Tencent, which also operates the country’s largest social media platform WeChat, generated about $34 billion USD worth of revenue last year. WeChat itself has more than a billion users.

Earlier this year, after the firm got wind of the crackdown, Tencent removed the World Series of Poker app from the WeChat app store, according to Inside Asian Gaming. The WSOP and Tencent partnered in 2017 to “help educate and grow the competitive game of poker in Asia.” Later that year, the WSOP and Tencent hosted a series of live events on the Chinese island Hainan.

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