YouTube star referred over $12 million in Tesla sales and got 2 free cars

YouTube star Ben Sullins, who has facilitated over $12 million in Tesla sales, has scored the biggest prizes available from Tesla’s referral program: two free Founder’s Series Next Gen Roadsters.

Although the Roadster isn’t slated to be released until 2020, Sullins is looking forward to owning his third and fourth Teslas (he already has a Model 3 and a Model S). He has big plans for the vehicles: “I’m definitely going to take one on a long road trip with my wife up and down the California coast as I promised her already,” Sullins tells CNBC Make It. “Other than that, I want to share it with people, I want to take people for rides, I want to go to car events.”

Overall, he says, his goal is “do what Elon has intended to do with the car, which is to remove the halo from gas-powered cars to electric cars.”

Two years ago, Sullins, 36, quit his full-time, six-figure job as a data scientist to become a full-time content producer for his blog and YouTube channel Teslanomics. He qualified for the free Roadster in 2017 and earned a second Roadster this year; to date, 115 people have used his referral link to purchase their own cars.

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