NEO Blockchain-Based Game ‘CryptoGladiator’ Launches August 13

CryptoGladiator, a collectibles game created by NewEconoLabs and built on the NEO (NEO) blockchain, will officially launch on August 13.

According to the announcement, CryptoGladiator combines blockchain technology with traditional game elements by allowing users to purchase, collect, and upgrade gladiators for arena competition. Given that the game is built on the NEO blockchain, each gladiator is a unique digital asset and 8,640 generation 0 gladiators will be available for purchase for 1-2 GAS each at the time of the launch.

CryptoGladiator looks to combine both social and competitive gaming elements, building off the successes of other popular blockchain collectibles games, including CryptoKitties. Each competition will reward GAS prizes, further incentivizing players to work on upgrading their gladiators.

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