Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC) CEO Bruce Linton on Q4 2018 Results – Earnings Call Transcript

Bruce Linton

Great. Thank you. I would like to start the call off by reminding everybody of the business win, and I know that the headlines continuously talk about the parties commenced in Canada on October 17th, which from my American friends is a week after our Thanksgiving and I think will be the new Thanksgiving in Canada. But really what Canopy is we’re a global medical cannabis company. And I highlight that in this last quarter nearly 10% of our sales came from Germany. And if you ask where are we not using up on our push for medical patients, we’ve been moving along with some in Canada, we’re up to about 82,000 medical patients it’s the rest of the world.

And I think it’s important to understand that 120% increase in sales is just the beginning of the beginning of the beginning in a place like Germany. And when we announced a couple weeks ago our No Objection Letter to commencing a phase 2B primary insomnia in human trial, that’s the first of many that we have on a schedule and we had an announcement of our intent to acquire back Canopy Health Innovations and bring the intellectual property in line with the manufacturing capability. What we didn’t put out at that time is over the last couple of quarters, we have spent many millions of dollars on design, preparation and construction commencement of a very, what I will call, high intensity GMP-1 Pharma manufacturing platform in Smiths Falls that adds a huge amount several hundred thousand square feet of pharma production capability at Smiths Falls.

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